Pernille & Sørens bröllop - 18 Maj 2019

Pernille och Søren ligger mig lite extra varmt om hjärtat. I lite över 1 år har vi haft kontakt med varann och jag har hjälpt dem med massor av roliga, skräddarsydda saker till deras bröllop (se full lista längre ner). Det har vart en otroligt rolig resa att få vara en del av och jag längtar så tills nästa gång våra vägar möts!
Men nog om det...här kommer deras historia - enjoy!

Since you're danish and I'm swedish, we'll do this in english to make it easy for everyone! :D

How did you meet?

Well, that’s a funny story. Actually we’re from the same town, Svendborg, and both went to the same high school for three years. We had (and still have) many friends in common but somehow never met each other.

So we both moved to Copenhagen to study, Pernille to become a nurse, Søren to study computer science, and it was here we met for the first time, at a party at the nursing school. Of course, I still have no idea, what Søren was doing there at a party primarily for nurses, but he was. One of my girlfriends thought he looked cute and “yelled” him to our table. He looked very confused, standing with three beers, not knowing who had called him over.

Some of the girls left but I stayed, and it was then, Søren stared at me for a long time, and then revealed he knew my full name, my birth town, which class I had attended back in Svendborg and also the name of an ex-boyfriend. Obviously, I was a little freaked out by this, whilst I knew nothing about the guy standing in front of me. Some of my friends whispered loudly “He’s a stalker, get out”. I found it very weird but for some reason I stayed.

I told him we needed a little balance in our conversation; he had to tell me something lame about himself, and without hesitation he told me (proudly) that he knew the names of all 151 1st generation Pokémon. That was it, then I knew, there was no way, he could be dangerous. So we kept talking and shared a beer. And then we both said goodbye and joined our friends once again.

The following weekend, we met again at a housewarming at some of our mutual friends’ new home. I walked up to him and asked if he wasn’t Søren Lund Jensen, from Svendborg who had been in the M-class at Svendborg Gymnasium and graduated in 2012, who knew all the names of the 151 1st generation Pokemon. His friends found it very weird, but Søren laughed. We talked more that evening and the next day Søren sent a Facebook friend request. From that point, we started dating, we saw the entire Pokemon series, Jurrasic Park, All Disney movies, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and so on – movie nerds, both of us. And that was the weird beginning of it all.

When did you know Søren was the one?

It actually took some time. Not for me to know, but to know he felt the same way.
Søren was not very experienced in the dating-game, so it was hard for me to know if he was interested in me. I developed feelings for him pretty early on, but I tried to suppress them, because I was afraid he did not feel the same way.

But one evening, still early in our relationship, I asked him directly, if he really wanted to be with me or what his intentions was with me, and what we were doing. And then he opened up. He even cried in front of me, because he felt sorry he hadn’t been able to show his emotions better. He told me, he had never felt so strongly for anyone before. He wanted to move in with me, he dreamed of us moving back to Svendborg one day. To marry me. To get a dog together. And to be the father of my children. Not immediately, but that was his dreams for us.
At that point I couldn’t suppress anything and from that day, I never doubted his feelings towards me again. And now we’re back in Svendborg and married.. Some people just get all they want, huh? ;)

Tell us about the proposal...

It was very romantic. It was June 30th 2018; we were celebrating our anniversary. We went on a picnic in Dyrehaven, which is a great green park area with wild deer and squirrels everywhere. We had brought strawberries, cherries, cold champagne, grapes and a 3-course-menu to enjoy on our blankets in the shade under a great big tree.

Søren was very picky about where we should sit and it was VERY hot that day so I couldn’t understand why we couldn’t just sit where everyone else did in the shade closer to the outdoor theatre stage. But he kept saying we needed more privacy and space for our anniversary dinner. Yeeees, yes, dear.. so we walked for a long time. ;)
Fiiiiiinally there was a good, deserted spot. And we had our dinner and toasted and had a great time in the shade.

Until Søren wanted to give me his anniversary present. But I had to close my eyes first. So I did. And as I did, he put on some music – our song “Forelsket I København”. I thought; “Wow.. this is more than last year, it’s almost corny”. And when I was told to open my eyes he sat on his knee with a beautiful ring and asked me to marry him. I almost didn’t believe it, but of course I said yes. It was so beautiful and romantic, such a lovely day to think of!

When did you start planning for the big day?

Well, we immediately knew which church we would like to be ecclesiastically blessed in. And we also knew where we would like for the reception and party to be held afterwards. We both wanted a Spring wedding where everything is green and blooming and growing - also we met in May so we thought it was a good time to get married.

So we sat down in the beginning of July to look at dates the following year in May. By the 6th of July we had already made a reservation at Hotel Christiansminde and the church the following year, the 18th of May. We designed some Save-The-Date magnets online, and sent out in the end on July. And so the planning began.

What theme/style did you go with and why?

We wanted it classy, romantic and very “well thought out” with a red thread throughout our entire wedding. It should be “us” in everything and we wanted it to be clear that it was a personal wedding with our love coming before everything else.

What were your thoughts about the invitations?

We wanted “the tree” / “our” tree to shine through the save-the-dates, the invitations and everything else, because it was such a beautiful spot - where the proposal was.

First we found some inspiration online with a tree laser carved into the paper which looked good on the website, but when we received the samples, we didn’t like it at all, the quality was miserable and the laser had made small marks into the paper. So we were looking for a place where we could have something personal made for us, with the right flowers, colours and our tree.

Then we found Jennie; what a great luck! We had so many ideas (some of them a bit wild/crazy, we thought) but not to Jennie. We wrote A LOT back and forth and Jennie just understood right away, what we wanted! The quality of the invitations were perfect! So much better than the samples from the other company, we had been in contact with.

Moreover, the colors were clear and bright. We were almost ecstatic when we received the package, it was everything we had hoped for and even more. Every invitation was personalized with name or names on and our tree was on the back of the information cards in the pocket. It looked so good!

What decorations and other printed items did you have at the wedding?

Well, there were quite a lot.
We had the most beautiful invitations. Furthermore we had church programmes, menus, table cards, bottle stickers, candy stickers, stickers to put on tissues for the guests happy tears, cards to put in the hangover kits, two large welcome signs, a large seating plan sign, time capsule greeting cards and several other signs. And after the wedding also the most beautiful Thank You Cards with personal photos and still with the flowers from the floral theme.

Florals - what did you choose and why?

My favorite flowers are red roses. My mother’s bridal bouquet contained red- and white roses, and Bridal Veil/Gibasis pellucida and it was so beautiful so we wanted those flowers to become ours too.

Tell us about the dress...

Actually, I had three dresses. One for the church, the day and until the wedding waltz and one for dancing and fun all night. And a third for the breakfast and opening presents.
The first one, the “real” one, was a princess dress. It was Rosa Clara Almansa. And the second was Lilly Diamonds 08-3973-CR. Both of them beautiful and great to wear.
And the third one was a short white dress with long sleeves, very nice but still casual.

Tell us about the wedding day...

It was perfect. It was home in Svendborg. The ceremony was in the church I was baptized and confirmed in – and now also married. And our priest who’s also the provost, has baptized and confirmed Søren. So it was very personal. And the hotel was also where I had my confirmation party.

The weather started out to be very foggy. But when we came out of the church the sky was all blue and not a cloud was in sight. We went out to have our pictures taken, while our guests went to the hotel to start the celebration with a lot of champagne and delicious snacks.

When we arrived we cut the cake, which was so delicious too. And then everything just went SO fast. Sørens aunts had a singer to sing at the reception, some great songs we love.
Dinner began at 17:30, and the time flew! There were several speeches, songs, and games but we had a great toastmaster who kept track of time. I personally think that Sørens speech was the best! I cried throughout most of it. He thinks vice versa. The dinner was just as delicious as it had been at the rehearsal dinner and there was plenty of it.

Did you do anything untraditional on your wedding day?

I don’t know if it’s untraditional but we had both a MySelfie and a Photobooth. They’re very similar but the Photobooth printed the photos right away in several copies for the guests to keep as a memory – and we got all the digital files. We had many props and then everyone could take a funny/good/silly/dramatic photo and keep the photo strip which was printed with our initials, date and the flower theme as on everything else. Everyone loved it and found it very funny!

What was one of your favorite memories?

For Søren: When the church doors opened and I saw Pernille for the first time. That’s my favorite memory from the entire day. Then when she threw her speech, it was a great speech! And also the absolute last picture we took together in the photobooth at 06:30 in the morning.

For Pernille: When I walked up the aisle with my father, and my eyes finally found Sørens, I got the chills as our eyes connected.
Also at a time, after the church where we were on the beach, and had a moment just the two of us alone. At that point, I realized “Wow, now I’m someone’s wife. I’m Sørens wife”. We sat on a bench and talked and laughed, all high on love.

What advice do you have for future brides?

Enjoy the day, it goes by so fast - I know every married woman will tell you this, but it really is the truth. All the preparations you have made, you won’t even get to see it all yourself because the times flies. So enjoy it!

And get someone to take pictures! It doesn’t have to be a professional, as long as someone takes a lot of pictures. Of all the guests, of all the decorations and details from the big day, it’s just the best to look back at afterwards, and relive the day over and over again!

What do you think of our service?

We’re SO happy that we found La Bella Tryckeri! Jennie has just managed to fulfil all our wishes! She created the most beautiful and personal invitations and Thank You Cards – in the same theme as everything else she made for us. Even at our wedding-website she helped us, with the design! We’re pretty sure, that there’s nothing Jennie cannot do! She is our personal wedding-magician who can create anything and everything!

All of our guests (and the hotel staff where the wedding took place) were extremely impressed. And so were we. It was easy to communicate, though we’re Danish and Jennie is Swedish. It was like she understood just what we wanted, sometimes even more than we did ourselves!

We cannot express with words how satisfied we are with the result. We can only give our deepest recommendations and guarantee that if we’ll ever need beautiful invitations or anything like that, we’ll find Jennie once again!
Thank you so much for all your help and great ideas Jennie!


Pocketinbjudningar, skräddarsydd design
Informationskort 3st/pocket, skräddarsydd design
Kuvert, skräddarsydd design
Menykort, skräddarsydd design
Placeringskort, skräddarsydd design
Välkomstskylt, A1, digital, skräddarsydd design
Lounge-skylt, A1, digital, skräddarsydd design
Bordsplaceringsskylt, A1, digital, skräddarsydd design
Tidskapselskylt, A3, digital, skräddarsydd design
Drinklista, A4, skräddarsydd design
3st Skyltar, A4, skräddarsydd design
Kyrkprogram A5, digital, skräddarsydd design
Hangover kort, skräddarsydd design
Lyckönskningar kort, A6, skräddarsydd design
Runda Vattenflasketiketter, skräddarsydd design
Runda Klistermärken, Sørens favoritgodis, skräddarsydd design
Runda Klistermärken, Pernilles favoritgodis, skräddarsydd design
Fyrkantiga Klistermärken, Kleenex, skräddarsydd design
Digital grafik till hemsida,
Digital Timeline till hemsida,
Tackkort, skräddarsydd design

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